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GM Richard Bustillo
To this day, Bruce Lee is a worldwide role model. He is a teacher to men, women and children of every race, ethnic heritage and culture. No human being I know of is a better example of someone who set the highest standards and then truly walked the walk to meet his goals. Sijo Lee's journey was sometimes extremely difficult, but he consistently used the most daunting challenges as opportunities.rHe turned, in his words, "stumbling blocks into stepping stones." On behalf of his widow Linda Lee Cadwell, his daughter Shannon Lee Keasler and the Bruce Lee Foundation, and of the Spirit of Bruce Lee, a man who saw only one race, the human race, I thank Chitah Yajness Shetty for erecting a Bruce Lee statue to commemorate Bruce Lee's 70th Anniversary.
In The Spirit of Bruce Lee, Richard S. Bustillo
Sifu Salim Badat (Durban)
You are a great ambassador of Bruce Lee JKD in INDIA, by seeing the Sijo Bruce Lee 70th birth celebration details
Narmski Gharu (United Kingdom)
Yajnessji....... this is superb... you are a true ambassador to Sijo Bruce Lee, keep it the good work
Prashanth Nair (Dubai)
Superb sir, keep the good work
Roger Moore
Its pleasure learning with Mr chitah Yajness. I happened to meet him when i was shooting for Occtupussy in India, Chitah is a great martial artist.
Ben Kingsley
Every body needs the body and mind shape up. When i was shooting for the movie Gandhi, directed by Richard Attenbourg, we where in a hotel Searock, There i met Chitah Yajness Shetty, a fantastic human being, I have trained under him for the body reducing exercise, he is a miracle man. Every thing which i needed for the movie has been fulfiled by Chitah martial art.
Jackie Chan
Chitah Yajness is a very good in martial art, I have seen his work, he has a different technique and very graceful movements, I will support him to grow his Chitah martial art
Lauro Chartrand
I have worked with almost all action people of hollywood, and one thing i must say about Chitah Yajness he is tremendous in his martial art, i have worked with Jackey Chan, Tom Crusie and so many actors, i have taken two boys from Chitah work shop, for my film Hands Of Dragon.
William Otham
I practies Wushu in Cyprus, while Chitah Yajness was in Cyprus for a month, we have having our work shops, I feel Chitah Yajness is totally commited to the martial art and he is very hard working
Chitah Yajness a great martial art teacher, our South African corporate sector had a very good seminar by Chitah Yajness. we learent a lot from him
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