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Nana patekar
I am trained by Chitah Yajness in martial art and black cat commando. He is very graceful. In Belgaum, we went to train for unarmed combat. Mr. General Gonsalvaes was the in charge of commando wing, he saw Chitah's performance and told that Chitah Yajness should enroll with us to teach the commando. It's a very big compliment to Chitah.
Chitah Yajness and i worked in a film JIGAR, Cheetah is very good in his art, he trained me and Ajay Devgan for the snake style for the film. His knowledge are the best he is to train Ajay Devgan on the sets, with Karishma Kapoor's sister Kareena. She was very small at that time
Chitah Yajness has got an electrified action. His martial art movements are just unbelievable; he is so much focused on his art, for one sequence he used to show ten types of action movements. I am very much impressed by him. I wish him a good future
Dilip Kumar
am extremely happy with one gentle in Hotel Sea Rock Health Club that is Chitah Yajness Shetty. He use to train me in The Tai Chi Movements, he is good
Sonam Rai
The body flexibility, i had very stiff physique, by doing Chitah martial art, i tried high kick.
Hrithik Roshan
First i am introduced to Mr. Chitah Yajness by my friend Uday Chopra. I was very young at that time. One thing i must say about Chitah he is genius in his own ride. His study of his art is mind-blowing, its absolutely amazing. It is been an experience, which taught me so much, along with it is very helpful or my physicality, it helped me mentally because he teaches you how to focus in life, i still use his method in my acting not just physical training, its also about focus, also concentration all these things merged in to one, along with that we had so much fun on the beach. We used to do the monkey walk through the beach, the morning walkers on the beach is to watch us, myself Uday Chopra and Chitah Yajness. Its great fun, well if i had any other way i would not choose any body else than Chitah Yajness Shetty. Along with all the talent he has he is a fantastic human being. It's been a pleasure taught by him. I still respect him, he is my sir, will be for life time. If time permits again, i want to join him. Another incident, my father wanted to do me the split kick in the air for a movie. I remember when we are practicing in his class, we use to do all kind of leg stretching exercise, i gathered all the methods loosen up muscles and did that split in the air. The split looked great. Time and time it's going to come very much in handy. I think its very important for an actor to be physically trained. Who is better than Mr Chitah Yajness Shetty to do that?
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