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A good teacher can make a good student. Chitah Yajness is a fantastic human being. I have trained by him in the martial art. His focus towards martial art so dedicated. He lives in martial art
Isha Koppikar
Chitah Yajness Shetty is the best martial artist' he teaches the self defense with lot of power technique. He teaches almost all film industry.
Kunal Khemu
I have had the opportunity to learn with Chitah Yajness. Hats off to him. He takes the martial art very seriously. His teaching methods are extraordinary.
Hrishita Bhatt
Chitah Yajness is very good fitness and martial art trainer. I had the great experience learning the art
Salman khan
I know Chitah Yajness from last 25 years. He used be at sea rock. He had the best body, and the best technique of martial art. We use to see him and worship him. His ability and his motive towards martial art is fantastic. He is a tough guy always has smile in his face. He is very good. Again if i want to learn more, if i have time, i wont go any where except Chitah Yajness. He is good.
Kim Sharma
My training with Chitah Yajness in martial art, its an experience, he makes to do total body healing, with concentration, meditation, flexibility, high power kicks. He is very good in his profession.
Tara Sharma
Its important that you must know with whom you are training. Chitah Yajness is a fantastic teacher and good human being. I have trained under him
Paresh Rawal
Chitah the word tells you how sharp, how powerful, flexibility, and always with great humble mind human. his martial art almost completed 30years in the film industry. I happened to work with him he is a great master
Amrish Puri
I am completely surprise by seeing Chitah Yajness demostration. His breaking techniques are fabulous. His Chitah Martial Art is a god gift to him
Gulshan Grover
I have trained under Chitah Yajness for a martial art cat fight in one movie. His performance like not cat but it was like tiger
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