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Neelam Kothari
Chitah Yajness is to teach the body flexibility work out , by doing we can adopt any kind of kicks, the concentration, meditation are the best method in his martial art syllabus
Madhuri Dixit
I have worked with Chitah Yajness, his dedication towards martial art is amazing. His movement in a film is deadly. In film Prahar, i remember he has choreographed the best, sleek action
Meenakshi Shesadri
Chitah Yajness is the miracle man in the field of martial art. I have learent from him, he is well equipped with the touch of grace in him.
I have been trained by Cheetah Yajness in martial art. His ways of teaching are very simple to get to catch up
Adithya Pancholi
Chitah Yajness one of the best martial artist we have. In his class my self , Govinda , Chunkey Pandey, Rohan Kapoor, Farha, where together. His method of teaching is very good
Chunkey Pandey
It's honor learning with Chitah Yajness. He has the best move in martial art. I have trained under him.
Rohan Kapoor
Chitah is a very good trainer in martial art. His discipline and teaching are class
Urmila Matonkar
I have trained with Chitah, his martial art technique with concentration, meditation, flexibility, are gives the focus on every day life. He is a honest person.
Farhan Akthar
Chitah Yajness vision is totally dedicated to martial art, the work out, stretching, are very difficult but he makes you do harmless. He has a tremendous potentiality. I have been under his training he is just too good
Vijender Singh (Boxer)
The World Champion Vijender Sing had a brief conversation and action with Chitah Yajness, Mr Vijender will be under training with Cheetah Yajness for some movie action
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