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Amitabh Bachchan
It's a pleasure working with Chitah Yajness Shetty. His teaching method is unique. In martial art Chitah is responsible to training me. He is a talented and capable young man. Who has developed unique technique in his field of martial art. I find him extremely sincere, polite and committed to job. I wish him all the success in future endeavors.
Priyanka Chopra
"Chitah Yajness has given almost 25 years of his for the film industry teaching martial art. It has been a great inspiration for the health conscious actors like me. His guidance on physical fitness and martial art is tremendous"
Vivek Oberoi
"Chitahji is a great human being. It's very important that person like him giving so much training to the industry in the field of martial art. We are lucky to have him"
Sanjay Dutt
"On the occasion of completing 25 years i congratulate. Your guidance on physical fitness and martial art to most of us is exemplary"
John Abraham
"Chitah Yajness your contribution in creating awareness about health and fitness is invaluable and has helped many aspiring actor to fulfill their dreams"
Bipasha Basu
"Chitah Yajness your martial art technique is marvelous. There can't be better deed than helping some one make his dream come true in this field. You are a Great inspiration for health conscious actors like me .Your guidance on physical fitness and martial art is unmatched."
Uday Chopra
"Chitah martial art is excellent. I had the pleasure of training with you. Your teaching is really a gift for us. You are the most dedicated sir. The work out concentration, flexibility, Kathas are fantastic, its helping me in my daily routine, my self and Hrithik Roshan are the partner for work out in Cheetah Martial Art class."
Kareena Kapoor
"Chitah Yajness has been a great help and support to our film fraternity. Especially all the artist. We pray that your continue making the coming generation healthy and aware of fitness levels by your Cheetah Martial Art."
Dino Morea
"We have the opportunity learn from you. You are the best. Over a decade screen appearances of many actors have changed considerable and one can't deny that credit goes to Chitah Martial Art. Chitah is instrumental in creating such great awareness about martial art."
Cheetah is the best martial art trainer. I have trained under him. His power punching and kicking with lots of great movement gives tremendous grace.
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