Harman kick-starts martial arts festival
Bombay Times,17 April 2014

A few more things to do in serene lavasa : punching, kincking and chopping
Sunday Times

A few more things to do in serene lavasa : punching, kincking and chopping
Bombay Times

A few more things to do in serene lavasa : punching, kincking and chopping
mumbai Mirror

Martial arts for the elderly
January 10, 2012.

Gals in black
Bombay Times Monday 31, 2010.

The Indian guru of Marsham arts

Martial Arts discipline the mind and body
The Times of India, 13 July 2008.

Master's Punch Why Hrithik Bows to Chitah
Movie Magazine 2008.

Farhan gets fighting fit
Mid Day, 8 May 2008.

Chitah and Jackie Chan to Promote Martial arts in India
The Times of India, 11 September 2007.

Hum Tum Pe Marte Hai
Chitah Yajness Shetty's

Chop Gun
Mid Day, 24, May 1992.

Body & Beauty Care
15, March 1989.

All colour Glossy postermag of the man who spars with Stars
The Weekly Sun: 14 March 1987.

GM Richard Bustillo laments that the legacy of his great master is being abused and he fears that the techniques of Jeet Kune Do are not properly taught in India.

2012 Afternoon January 10; Owing to the increase in the number of cases of attacks on senior citizens, CHITAH YAJNESS SHETTY has designed a special martial arts training program for the elderly, Kasturi Gadge finds out.

2011 CMA TIMES; CHITAH JKD seminar of GM Richard Bustillo in Bombay

2011 Spring JKD journal - The official news letter of IMB academy; Sigung Richard Bustillo in India Mumbai to visit CHITAH YAJNESS

2010 Bombay Times Monday 31; Gals In Black, The B-town brigade has at some point or the other turned to CHITAH YAJNESS for training in martial arts

2010 Hindustan Times, January 21; The Right Moves Bollywood Martial Art Trainer CHITAH YAJNESS SHETTY is now the ambassador of Bruce Lee.S Jeet Kune Do in India

2010 Mid-Day Tuesday June I; Martial Magic; Suniel Shetty was present for the felicitation of CHITAH YAJNESS SHETTY

2010 DNA May 31; Fit for life launch of Martial Arts Academy with Suniel Shetty by CHITAH YAJNESS

2010 Asian Age 1 June Tuesday; Go sporty with CHITAH

2010 August; Red Carpet Bollywood news; 12 Issue; YAJNESS next celebrity student

2009 April - Global Movie; Meet CHITAH YAJNESS - The Indian Guru Of Martial Arts

2009 August - Alive Magazine; CHITAH YAJNESS SHETTY tells you how Martial Art actually benefits your child

2009 Mumbai Mirror Wednesday September 30; Boxer Vijender Singh to act in a Bollywood thriller with a terrorism back drop with CHITAH YAJNESS

2009 Asian Age September 26; Vijender S Secret Martial Art session with CHITAH

2008 Bombay Times 12 April; Indian Martial Art in Hollywood. Hollywood producer selecting the artist for hands of Dragon movie

2008 Bombay Times Wednesday 23; Ram Gopal Verma to make martial arts film, Discuss with CHITAH

2008 DNA June 14; I want everyone to learn and know Martial Arts, CHITAH YAJNESS conversation with Trupti Palkar about his fascination for the art

2008 Bombay Times Sunday July 13; Martial Arts discipline the mind and body, Martial Arts sharpen memory skills and increase IQ level, CHITAH YAJNESS

2008 Deccan Herald Monday April 7; CHITAH YAJNESS trains Kim Sharma and Amrita Arora in Martial Art

2008 Bombay Times January 5; Hrithik Roshan to recover soon CHITAH YAJNESS

2008 Mid-day Thursday May 8; Farhan gets fighting fit with CHITAH YAJNESS SHETTY

2008 Afternoon January 8; YAJNESS shoots Yuva at the same spot where Sholay was shot

2007 Man's World November; The strange leopard man of Bollywood, CHITAH YAJNESS Mr.Spot

2007 Mumbai City; The Specialist; I was a restaurant steward at Sea Rock Hotel. But two teenage girls spotted me practicing late every night on the Hotel terrace

2007 Times Of India September 23; CHITAH YAJNESS SHETTY is all set to direct a movie based on Martial Arts

2007 DNA AFTER HRS Wednesday September 5; Jakie Chan leaps to the rescue; YAJNESS SHETTY ropes in Jakie Chan to help revive Kerala's Indignou Martial Art Kalari Payattu

2007 Bombay Times Wednesday 5; Martial Art expert CHITAH YAJNESS to direct Kim and Amrita Arora

2007 Bombay Times Tuesday September 11; CHITAH and Jackie Chan to promote martial arts in India

2007 Bombay Times Tuesday July 24; Amrita Arora does a Charlies Angels with CHITAH

2007 Screen November 2; CHITAH YAJNESS SHETTY musical martial arts star trainer on his upcoming exercise DVD

2005 Time Out Mumbai May 6; Crouching Tiger hidden CHITAH

2004 Pune Times Tuesday 13; Fighting his way to the top CHITAH YAJNESS SHETTY

2004 Screen 6 February; CHITAH JAISA KOI NAHIN

2002 May - Movie Magazine International; Masters punch, why Hrithik bows to CHITAH Yajness Shetty Popularly Known As Chitah - I am Quite Unhappy With The Current Status Of Martial Arts.
December 2009: Red Carpet - Magazine

Boxer Shots - Chitah Yajness Narated Me The Story , Exicited Vijender Confirmed The News Saying Iam Doing The Film The Role Suits To My Image Of Boxer.
September 30, 2009: Mumbai Mirror

Vijender Kung Fu Hustle, Its Very Good Script Of Chitah Yajness.
September 30, 2009: Mid Day

Sport - Vijender Secret Martial Art Session With Chitah Yajness.
September 26, 2009: Asian Age

Martial Art Acadamey, Chitah Yajness Shetty Tell You How Martial Art Actually Benefit Your Childs Health.
August 2009: Alive Magazine

The Indian Guru Of Martial Arts . The Only Person In Bolly Wood , Who Has Stood The Test Of Time In Martial Arts Could Be None Other Than The Un Beatable Chitah Yajness.
April 2009: Global Movie

Ram Gopal Verma to make Martial art film with Cheetah Yajness.
July 23, 2008: BOMBAY TIMES

Chitah yajness shoot with Ram Gopal Verma for film "Contract"
July 20, 2008 : MUMBAI NAGAR

Martial art Diciplines the mind and body, art sharpen memory skills and increase the I Q level.
July 13, 2008 : TIMES OF INDIA

I want every one to learn and know martial art
June 14, 2008 : D.N.A

Get Hrithik Roshan's flexilbilty working with cheetah's workshop.
May 13, 2008 : MID-DAY

Farahan is ready to rock with cheetah
May 08, 2008 : THE ASIAN AGE

Who the Bollywood beauty will be Cheetah yajness next student.
May 01, 2008 : WOMENS ERA

Farahan gets fighting fit - is earning martial art for his sister Zoya Akhtar's film "Luck by Chance"
May 08, 2008 : MID-DAY

Indian Martial art in Hollywood.
April 12,2008 : TIMES OF INDIA

Yajeness shoots yuvah at the same spot where sholay was shot.
Jan 08, 2008 : AFTERNOON

West Side Story - Cheetah yajness is all set to teach Hollywood hunks the right moves.
Jan 02, 2008 : HINDUSTAN TIMES

I was a retuarant steward at sea-rock hotel. But two teenage girls spotted me practicing late in the hotel terrace and requested me to teach them I was worried loosing my job and excused my self.
Dec 12, 2007 : OUT LOOK

Cheetah and Jackie Chan to promote Martial art in India.
Sep 11, 2007 : BOMBAYTIMES

Chan leaps to the rescue. Yajness shetty rops Jackie Chan to help Revive Kerela indiginious Martial art Kalari payutha. Besides Chan Late Bruce lee daughter "Chun-lee" will help.
Sep 05, 2007 : D.N.A

Martial art expert to direct Kim Sharma and Amrita Arora.
Sep 05, 2007 : TIMES OF INDIA

Learning martial art is tough,but I always engaged with cheetah workshop - Priyanka Chopra
July 30, 2007 : INDIA TODAY

Mr. spot. The strange leopard man of bollywood.
Nov 2007 : MEN'S WORLD

Waiter to star Zen, when hero comes to learn Martial art this is a man they go to.
Sep 23, 2007 : SUNDAY TIMES

Fighting his way to the top.
April 13, 2004 : PUNE TIMES

Crouching tiger hidden cheetah.
May 06, 2005 : TIMES OUT

Cheetah yajness has kicked ass with many film stars.the martial art expert talks to Ksham Rao about his times training celebrities.
Feb, 2004 : TIMES OF INDIA

Martial Bliss - Hit 'n' Miss Martial art instructor with Hrithik and Uday Chopra.
April 04, 2002 : MID-DAY

Asha Khanna - Master punch why Hrithik bows to cheetah.

Cover story- One great leap in Faith.
Sep 24, 1999 : SCREEN

Weekly - You have your mothers blessings Yajness what more can u ask for ?
Sep 03, 1999 : SCREEN

Cut man - A former health club instructor in a five star hotel and tutor in fight master in Bollywood. Yajness now turns producer with maiden venture "HUM TUM PE MARTE HAIN"
Sep 24, 1998 : MID DAY

But no he wont just be another Kung Fu Nut showing of his skill to road side audience, that bit of deadly display by cheetah shetty was for one American news paper "NEW YORK TIMES" - Suresh Nair
Sep 09, 1998 : TIMES OF INDIA

Check out this Cheetah who has many feathers in his cap
Oct 11, 1996 : TIMES OF INDIA

All college students are keeping themselves fit by learning chitah art
Nov 22, 1995 : THE DAILY

S Ramchandra - From fight master to music director yajnesh shetty aka cheetah is now set to Rock as a new garb "JOLLY JOLLY"
July 12, 1991 : INDIAN EXPRESS

Gaja. I strive to raise the action in our films to international standard cheetah.
Jan 13, 1990 : SUPER BOX OFFICE

Meet Mr. Body magic Chitah, on the prowl.
Sep 07, 1990 : SCREEN

cover page. "Cheetah the steel man"
March 15, 1989 : CARE

What is glamour puss Farah up to those days getting her claws into shape with Cheetah.
Jan 07, 1988 : BOMBAY MAGAZINE

cover story. All colour glossy poster may of the man who spars with stars...
March 14, 1987 : SUN

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